Quilt Fabric Selection Made Easy

Choosing Fabrics for Contrast in Your Quilting Project Quilts can be striking or bland, depending on the fabrics used. Fabrics high in contrast or in different values can make a quilt beautiful. Many quilters struggle to choose fabrics to make unforgettable quilts. Some quilters resort to sewing precut kits rather than risk choosing fabrics with …

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Guide to Bluework Embroidery

Offshoot of Vintage Redwork Embroidery Uses Blue Embroidery Floss Bluework is a style of outline embroidery almost identical to its close relation, redwork embroidery, except that it is stitched with indigo blue thread instead of red. Like its kissing cousin, redwork embroidery, bluework got its name from the colored embroidery thread that is used to …

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What’s the distinction between embroidery and needlepoint?

Needlework may be the all-inclusive universal title for stitches completed with line and a hook. Needlepoint called fabric function is embroidery worked to steadily protect the fabric place. Typically the stitches were worked in wool producing a durable address that offered extremely well for table or seat addresses, little carpets, cushions. Needlepoint was the go-to …

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