Compare Brother SE400 and SE425

Brother SE400 vs. SE425 – Which One is The Ultimate Winner

If you compare Brother SE400 and SE425, the first thing you may get is nothing. It’s not a joke because both the machines are identical. But if you go in deep, you can always find what makes the two different.

In some ways, the machines are similar but have a few significant differences.

Both of them are excellent computerized sewing machines that do high-quality embroidery. Not only that they have the same LCD display.

In short, if you want more bang for your buck then make a specific choice between these two machines.

Side by side comparison between Brother SE400 and SE425

Usually, it is easy to spot differences and similarities between the two products. When you place them inside by side, you can see the result.

In the table below we have highlighted a few of the most significant differences between these two sewing and embroidery machines,

If you look at the comparison table, you’ll notice that there are a few differences along with balanced similarities.
Let’s see both of these machines’ similarities and differences in depth.

Embroidery Field4″ x 4″4″ x 4″
Built-in Stitches6767
Stitch Width7mm7mm
Stitch Length5mm5mm
Built-in Embroidery Design70170 (70+100)
Motor Speed710 Stitches/Minute710 Stitches/Minute
Embroidery Speed400 Stitches/Minute400 Stitches/Minute
Buttonhole Style1010
Feed Dog77
Include FeetButtonhole foot, Monogramming foot, Zipper foot, Embroidery foot Overcasting foot,  Blind Stitch foot, Button Fitting foot,Same + Includes Zig Zag Foot

Are they efficient in sewing?

Brother has established a reputation for creating sewing machines that are great for beginners. These machines are well known for their parameters of innovation, ease of setup, and usage qualities.

To embellish your projects both of the machine comes with a full range of sewing features. With 67 built-in stitches, they have the ability to beautify your work. When you are doing regular sewing, you can simply sew 710 stitches per minute. And out of these 67 stitches, you are able to do ten one-step buttonhole styles.

The bobbins are jam-resistant and convenient enough so you can do your high-end looking dream projects without stopping to fix mistakes.

Moreover, both of the machines come with a large variety of presser feet. With help of these feet, you can use your brilliant sewing and stitching work over embroidery easily.

Are they efficient in embroidery?

The Brother SE400 and SE425 both come with 70 built-in embroidery designs. But in the case of SE425, it will along with an additional 100 designs on a CD. That means SE425 comes with 170 embroidery designs in which 70 on the machine and 100 on the CD.

Besides that, you can sew 400 stitches/minutes with both of these machines. And the machines can create exact designs with clear stitches.

Is it comfortable to work with 4”x 4” hoop size?

Yes and no. Both machines can create an accurate embroidery design in the 4×4-inch hoop. Even you can purchase a larger size (not too large enough) or a smaller size that can work well with these two machines.

While working in a large size, you need to divide the design and reposition the hoop. But due to the area limitation of these machines, you can’t fit a larger hoop in it.

In the case of a large hoop and design, I would recommend going with PE770. This machine offers better embroidery with a high price tag than these combo machines.

Differences between Brother SE400 vs. SE425

Firstly, the SE425 consists of more accessories in the bundle than the machine SE400. The SE425 comes with,
• A design CD
• A zig-zag foot
• 4 bobbins

The CD contains 100 embroidery designs. Hence, Brother SE425 technically received 170 embroidery designs. And each SE400 and SE425 consist of pc connectivity with them so that you can import the designs from various websites. In a way, you can save time by having them in your collection.

Secondly, the appearances of these two machines make them different from each other. The Brother SE425 has a yellowish-brown decal instead of the white and purple decal of the SE400.

Finally, a comparison of prices… the few extra accessories in the box make SE425 an expensive one than SE400. And the designs are solely basic designs so it’s essential to decide whether the accessories you get are worth your money or not.

Conclusion: Which one should you pick – Brother SE400 vs. SE425?

If you compare Brother SE400 and SE425, we do not think that the CD has a huge value. After some time, the designs might be all used up but with the USB connectivity, you can get the same designs online whenever you want.
Moreover, the additional accessories are not very crucial. In that case, Brother SE400 is the clear winner. So pick up the SE400 and enjoy the fun.

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