Freestanding Machine Embroidery

These Popular Designs Offer Creative Opportunities to Embroiderers

Freestanding machine embroidery designs have been cleverly created to give lacy openwork patterns that do not require fabric and can be used in a variety of ways.

Freestanding machine embroidery patterns, (also known as freestanding lace) offer the machine embroiderer the opportunity to get especially creative. As well as providing beautiful lacy patterns and designs, which can be used to create luxury lace edgings or inserts, free-standing lace designs will work well if embroidered onto water-soluble stabilizer without fabric. When the designs are finished, the light lace pattern allows light to shine through the open work, making this a useful adornment for a variety of projects.

Freestanding machine embroidery patterns have been cleverly created so that the stitches overlock and hold together. This is extremely important as this ensures that when the lace design is worked on the water-soluble stabilizer, the stitching does not unravel.

The designs are stitched out in the hoop and then gently soaked in warm water until the water-soluble stabilizer dissolves and starts to disappear. This might entail a little gentle scrubbing to remove any residual stabilizer. The design should be laid flat to dry. If it curls slightly after drying, then it will benefit from lightly ironing (iron on the rear side and use steam if necessary).

Using Free Standing Embroidery Designs

There are many freestanding lace designs available, and these can be used to make doilies and coasters, lace tray covers and also large items such as tablecloths. Small motifs can be used for jewelry. Delicate lace designs can make a striking collar.

Freestanding lace can also be used for ‘in the hoop’ projects. An ‘in the hoop’ project is a project which is entirely stitches within the hoop of an embroidery machine. These often include little lace boxes, bowls, bookmarks and even purses. These are great projects for making something a little special and for exploring in more detail the opportunities that your embroidery machine brings.

Seasonal Decorations

Freestanding machine embroidery patterns can also be used to make interesting seasonal decorations. These include Valentine hearts, Easter bunnies and eggs, Halloween pumpkins and ghosts, and of course Christmas decorations. These patterns are stitched out in the hoop, and then when the water-soluble stabilizer has been removed, they are ready to hang and enjoy.

Where to Buy

There are many designs available. Some designers offer some free designs to allow you to try this technique before purchasing designs.

  • – Wide variety of designs including lace bowls
  • – Freestanding lace and crochet designs (including free crochet design and tutorial)
  • – Lots of designs including doilies

Have fun and experiment with freestanding lace. It brings a new dimension to your embroidery and allows plenty of scope for further creativity.

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