French Knot Embroidery

The French knot is used to make small raised dots. You will often see it in flowers in clusters for the center.

Add it to the running stitch we did last month, and you can enhance your work.


Materials Needed

From beneath, push the needle through in the exact spot you want the dot to be. Pull the thread through all the way. Take the needle in one hand the thread in the other. Wind the thread around the needle 5 times if using a single or double strand of floss, 4 times if using 3 or 4 strands and 3 times if using 5 or six strands of floss.

Holding the floss in place on the needle, push the needle through the approximate spot it came out of. From behind, pull needle and thread all the way through the fabric. That is it. You should have one dot remaining on the fabric. Make sure your thread isn’t too tight or too loose. Practice this stitch and practice it with the running stitch. Next month we will have a new stitch and a new project to accompany it.

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