Free Graph Paper printout for needlepoint

It is usually great to have graph paper available on hand so that you can draw patterns on your own or to modify existing patterns. In case you work with so many patterns or patterns which are too large, then you will need to have an overview, and it is convenient to have quite a few squares on one sheet. When you create something tricky with several colors or many back stitches, larger squares tend to be more functional. In other instances, it’s advisable to utilize squares that have the size of your cross stitches.

You may download this graph paper on A4 file in pdf format and print out using Adobe Acrobat Reader. In case you don’t have this program, you may click on the Adobe logo opposite so you can download it. You can find lots of squared sizes available. The number of grids per 10 cm and per inch is outlined on the labeling. See to it that you print out the page in the precise size to retain the indicated size of the square.

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