Knit & Crochet with Beads

Tips when Combining Knitting & Crocheting with Beading

A super-hot trend is to add beads to knitting and crocheting. Get a head start with tips to use when combining these crafts.

Knitwear and Crochet-wear are absolutely gorgeous when the maker of these items pops them up with beads. Beads can be added to just about every project. The knitter or crocheter can use them sparsely for a controlled effect, or really add some glitz if she so chooses.

A Trip to the Craft Store

Take a trip to the craft store, and be prepared to be stopped and dazzled by the choices in beading. There’s anything from Czech crystals to “Dice.” Knitting itself is truly beautiful, as is crochet. Some artists combine the two for a strikingly unique look. So, what if beading is thrown into the mix? That is, how are knitting/crocheting combined with beading to make the project of dreams?

Beading in Knitting and Crochet

People new to this concept may wonder how in the world the beads get onto the yarn. Both knit and crochet work with a continuous piece of yarn; new yarn is pulled from a skein and rarely is it beneficial to break that skein up unless necessary.

There are times where both pieces of the working yarn can be pulled through the bead and crocheted around it. It works; however, sometimes it’s not as elegant as it could be. The yarn has a tendency to hide the bead. And in knitting, well, it’s just not easily done, period. It can be accomplished with swank buttons and paillettes, but not with many other types.

The Best Trick in Beading and Knit / Crochet

To bead properly and easily takes a bit of planning. Once it is known how many beads the entire project will need, take the working yarn (the one attached to the skein) and thread all the beads that will be needed onto the yarn. Push them down until you have a few feet to work with for the knit / crochet part of the show. Then, when you need the beads, they are waiting on the skein. Merely pull them up when needed or when the pattern calls for it.

Errors in Beading

Mistakes happen in knitting and crochet—plenty of times. Why should beading be any different? For example, what should be done if enough beads were not threaded onto the first skein? It’s certainly not preferable to pull everything out and start over. What can be done that’s not too painful is unroll the skein and add beads to the non-working end. Continue as before.

What if too many beads are left? No problems—just remove them when you get to the end of your skein, and transfer them to your new skein.

It’s So Beautiful and Easy

When beading is looked at in this light, it’s easier to see that beading is not difficult. Besides, fixing any mistake is not so hard, anyway. When a bead is needed, simply pull one up along the yarn you’re working with. The allure beading adds to any project far outweighs any strange occurrences. Take a look at what’s available, and try it out. Swarovski Beads are absolutely gorgeous. Vintage Beads are not only fabulous but affordable and unique. If speed is important, consider using a bead spinner. Take a look at some fabulous projects to get started, and a great book by Kate Pullen to learn more. Good luck.

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