Starting a Knitting Club: Share Free Knitting Patterns & Advice

For expert knitters and beginner knitters, a knitting club is a great way to socialize and learn about new stitches or easy knitting patterns.

Knitting clubs are a fun way for people to share their passion for knitting. So pick up some knitting needles and a ball of yarn, and find some like-minded knitters, to get a group started today. There are a few ways to create get a group; either register with a free knitting organization, like Stitch n’ Bitch, to feel a part of a wider knitting community or start one from scratch.

Starting a Knitting Group – Where to Meet

The knitting club can be as informal or formal as necessary. A big group will require more serious organization, particularly if the group plans to meet in a public place, like a coffee shop or in a park. If meeting at a coffee shop or bar, plan to meet on a quiet weekday evening.

Contact the owner of the establishment first, to be sure they do not mind a dozen or more knitters taking over their shop or cafe. Some businesses will offer up a private room or drink and food deals if the knitting club holds regular events.

If the knitters are a small group of close friends, they might take turns hosting the knitting club meetings at home. Knitters can also share in bringing refreshments or music. Knitting groups are a great chance to exchange knitting magazines, knitting books, and other information.

Save Money on Knitting Patterns

One of the benefits of a knitting club is access to free knitting patterns. By sharing patterns, popular knitting projects like hats, socks, sweaters, and baby clothes, become more affordable. Knitters may also take part in yarn exchanges, or share in bulk buying, as another way of saving a few bucks.

Besides knitting, group members might also enjoy crocheting. Crotchet patterns, needles, and instruction booklets can also be exchanged and shared.

Find an Expert – Following Knitting Instructions

For beginner knitters, knitting can be overwhelming. Terms like double-pointed needles and circular knitting may not mean much at first, but with the help of advanced knitters, they will learn quickly.

Having an expert or two in the group will be a great help to new knitters, but try to not make the club into a class, where one or two experts spend all their time teaching, and no time on their own knitting projects. The knitting group should be collective learning and sharing effort. And it should be fun for all members.

If there are no experts or advanced knitters in the group, everyone will have to start from scratch. At first, try easy knitting patterns. Group members should take it upon themselves to research knitting terms, types of yarn, and techniques. Everyone can share what they have learned and work out knitting questions together.

Socializing and the Knitting Club

Plan to meet once or twice a month at first. People are busy and it is important that the club not become an imposition for knitters. Try to make the knitting club meeting a fun, casual, and social event. The best knitting clubs are those that have comfortable, welcoming meetings, with lots of opportunity for laughter and conversation.

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