Crochet Stocking Stuffers

Use Scrap Yarn to Make Quick & Free Christmas Gifts

Most crochet artists have a ton of scrap yarn lying around. Use it all up while taking care of the holiday shopping this Xmas.

A common thread crocheters share is the love of yarn, and most love to collect it. Yarn has a tendency to accumulate, and the result is a stash full of all kinds of mismatched colors and amounts.

Use up all that scrap yarn around the house this year while taking care of the holiday shopping. Give designing a try by making some quick, free, original crochet gifts, or take advantage of the free patterns below. It takes only a basic working knowledge of crochet to quickly stitch up any or all of the following fun stocking stuffers.

Cell Phone Carrying Case

Plain or lacy, vivid color, or black and white, this project can take on any flavor at all, which makes it perfect for men, women, and teens. Attach a belt loop or a wrist cuff, and the case will be a certain favorite.

Hair Flower Accessory

Crochet any favorite flower in whatever scraps are available—the more colorful, the better. Attach it to a barrette, and any lady (or little lady) will love it. Attach a safety pin as well for more versatility; it can be pinned to lapels, purses, bags, and anything else that needs a little pop.

Baby Wrist Toys

Babies love stuffed animals, and so do their parents, especially when they’re attached to baby’s wrist. Make several in different colors to keep the baby’s attention, and to create a one-of-a-kind collection.

Crocheted Jewelry

Fabric jewelry is the rage, and it can be designed with or without beads. Since jewelry takes so little yarn, this is a great chance to experiment. Start with a pattern if this is a new concept, and then feel confident to expand with originals. Consider necklaces, chokers, ankle bracelets, earrings, watch straps, and keychains. Guys would appreciate something in hemp.

Barbie Accessories

Little girls love Barbie and Barbie accessories. Scrap yarn can be used to make rugs, capes, blankets, and for the more adventurous, clothing. Comparable store-bought items are quite expensive. For example, one mass-manufactured Barbie outfit sells for about $10. Well-made crochet gifts are much more affordable, are of higher quality, and would be a most welcomed and appreciated gift.

No Limits

These ideas should get the creative mind started, and there are no limits from there. Belts, curtains, makeup bags, eyeglass cases, headbands, and even stockings themselves help make holiday gifts completely personal and customized. Best of all, since most crochet artists have scrap stash around anyway, these gifts don’t cost anything but a little time. Give the favorite gifts this season—gifts made with love.

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